Tray Box

Price : $22.00(Vat included)


Artır Azalt

Epidotte tray box look great anywhere with everything, us efor jewelry, q-tips in the bathroom, makeup essentials, keys, coins, napkins, cutlery, soaps or sauces exc..

All sizes measured unrolled. The height can be rolled up or down to suit the contents.  Our bags are all made by hand. 

Paper bags have versatile uses:

 XXS: The smallest version of the bag is perfect for storing little things.

Kitchen seasonings (salt&pepper)

Office organization (small clips or pins)

Small decorative use (tiny plant holder or miniature plants)

 XS: The xsmall version of the bag is for

Bathroom supplies (makeup brushes, cotton balls, soaps)

Small potted plants

Office organization (pencils, erasers, craft supplies)

 S: The small version pof the bag is for

Table and kitchen (bread bag, bread sticks, sugar packets, coffee capsules,fruit and veggies, nuts, candies)

Office organization ((pencils, erasers, arts and crafts)

Bathroom organization (hand towels, hair brushes)

Small potted plants

Small kids toys


 M: The medium version of the bag is for

Bathroom storage (shampoos )

Plants and herbs

Bread basket, baked goods, pastries

Fruit and veggies

Office supplies

Kids toys

Keys for entry space

 L : The large version of the bag is perfect for storing different things.

Table and kitchen (bread bag, baked goods, pastries, popcorn, fruit and veggies, biscuits)

Art and craft supplies

Bathroom organization (hand towels, hair brushes)

Potted plants

Small kids toys (lego blocks, cards)

Ideal for holding table napkins


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