Founded by Esther Levi in 2017, Epidotte is a fashion and homeware accessories brand that breathes conscious living into everything it produces. Specializing in unique, eco-friendly fabrics and modern designs, our products are durable, washable and sustainable. Most importantly, they stand the test of time.


We believe that it's possible to create beautiful accessories that respect the environment. This is why we choose to use natural materials that are eco-friendly and promote sustainability. Our products are made from 100% natural resources - washable paper, hemp and cotton. 


All of our bags are created with daily life in mind. For us, it's all about being light. Less on your back. Less on your mind.


Our philosophy is to help people live an organic lifestyle without compromising on style or fashion. We offer a range of accessories made for people just like us - creative, stylish, brave and with an urge to discover the joys of life.



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