Are you interested in reselling the EPIDOTTE® products or need other information? Please contact via [email protected] or call +90 (212) 257 54 87.


Epidotte® products are sold at selected stores & online shops and through our online shop www.epidotte.com


Other useful things to know for orders EPIDOTTE®: 

- We can use your exclusive images and logos on the products.

* For customers from other countries we handle other conditions more information can be requested via [email protected]



- All EPIDOTTE® products are washable. See the washing instructions for more information. 
- Do not be afraid of to walk outside in the rain with your bag.  Water will not hurt our bags.

- Durable & Eco-sustainable 
- Made of %100 cellulose fibre  washable paper

-%100 hemp fabric garments, linings

-%100 cotton straps
- Water-resistant & Tear-resistant  paper


For more information please mail to [email protected]






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